Thursday, March 5, 2015

TemplateToaster and Artisteer Feature Comparison

We have been observing more searches about the alternative of Artisteer these days. Luckily, we have that sought after alternative that is the TemplateToaster. The TemplateToaster is truly a capable web design software. Have a look at the features comparison chart.                                                        



Bootstrap code

The TemplateToaster supports bootstrap3.

No bootstrap support.

The TemplateToaster brings updates at regular intervals. You can see the changelog.

The Artisteer brings updates very late.
Code quality

The developer trust the quality of code generated by the TemplateToaster.

The Artisteer generates heavy lines of code that is why professionals don’t make very much use of it.
CSS Editors, JavaScript Editors

TemplateToaster provides code editors with “code completion” feature.

The Artisteer has the simple code editors with no special features.

Responsive support. The support team of TemplateToaster provides solutions to the problems timely and personal. The TemplateToaster provides the live chat option.

The support team of Artisteer provides late support. They don’t provide the live chat option.

Because the TemplateToaster comes with new and improved features after regular intervals, it is in active development state. The team keeps updating changelog.

Because of non-availability of updates for long, the Artisteer is in inactive state.
Design features

Comparatively, the TemplateToaster provides more designing options. To know the detail, have its free trial version. The exceptional design features of TemplateToaster include:

    Widget/Modules/ Blocks  

The option to draw the custom widget area anywhere in the template design is the exceptional design option of TemplateToaster.

        Page Templates

One more amazing option provided by the TemplateToaster is the multiple page templates.

Artisteer has old designing options.


    Limitation of widget area

Unlike TemplateToaster, the user can’t make custom widget areas.


Page Templates

    No option for making page  templates.
Support for CMS

The TemplateToaster supports WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, and Blogger.

The Artisteer supports WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DNN and Blogger.

Languages Available

English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Finnish, Polish.

English, German, Danish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Russian


Owing to the versatility, the TemplateToaster’s popularity is increasing with every passing day.

The Artisteer is still famous, but due to inactive development, the popularity is decreasing.

Theme Option

Users can tweak the appearance of the theme even after exporting it, because the TemplateToaster provides the “theme options” for tweaking it while installing on the WordPress. The options are given in clean header-tab format.

          SEO options

The TemplateToaster provides SEO options for making web pages optimized for search engines.

Backup And Recovery

The sought after feature of the TemplateToaster is one click backup and recovery from the designed templates.

Artisteer also provides the theme option while installing the theme from the back-end, in a list form.

     No SEO options

The Artisteer doesn’t provide SEO options.

Backup And Recovery

No Backup and Recovery is provided by the Artisteer

From the above chart, it is very clear that the TemplateToaster has more features and options, which make us to conclude that this web design software is advanced than the Artisteer. Plus, Artisteer is not in an active state, its development team might be busy somewhere else. I would suggest to the users to try the TemplateToaster, because the Team TemplateToaster is very active and continually working for taking their product to the new heights.


  1. Hello Ashley!

    Thank you very much the valued comparsion.

    Best regards: Charlie

  2. Every review says tt is better than Artisteer, but I have been so hard with TT, good design made, but it is not exporting properly to wordpress and blogger -pathetic. Tried trial professional edition. Sent feedback to tt, got a reply trial version or full version makes no difference, tt exports properly to wordpress with content and not to blogger.
    Why everyone is saying TT is much better, when it cannot properly export, what is the use??? I am not fully satisfied with wordpress export even, I did not get titles and menus properly when viewed the site after export.

  3. I am not keen on prestashop,magento, drupal or joomla. Interested only in wordpress and blogger. Can template toaster (tt) export exactly to the worpress or blogger as it is is seen in design window. My feedback no, my guess artisteer might do. can TT prove this.

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